One of the biggest Wedding Lights Project we have ever undertaken at the Thessaloniki Planetarium

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We recently completed one of our most ambitious wedding lighting projects at the Thessaloniki Planetarium Center. In collaboration with I Do Events, we orchestrated a breathtaking wedding at Planetarium Flavors Spirits Events. The centerpiece was a mesmerizing installation of thousands of fairy lights, artfully arranged to resemble a circus canopy, enveloping guests in a cozy, romantic ambiance.

A project of thousands of Fairy Lights imitating the circus effect

This intricate fairy light canopy aimed to evoke the nostalgic charm of a circus, casting a warm glow that made every guest feel cherished and welcome. The tables and overall reception decor were adorned with vibrant purple, blue, and dark red flowers by Zelos Flowers, which added a playful touch to the event. An eclectic mix of neon lights and disco balls created a dynamic backdrop at Petit Booth’s Mirror Booth, capturing the night’s magic through the lens of White on Black Studio and Arte Di Tre.

Except from wedding lights, the couple trusted us as the wedding DJ for their wedding party

From the moment they entered, guests were immersed in an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality, a testament to the transformative power of wedding lighting. The newlyweds’ first dance took place under this radiant canopy, reflecting the brilliance and warmth of their love. Our wedding DJ set the tone for a memorable party, with the dance floor pulsing under a sky of sparkling lights well into the early hours.

Taking on this challenging project was a rewarding experience for us. The result was not only a testament to our team’s dedication but also left an indelible mark on all who attended, proving once again that the right lighting can turn a beautiful event into an unforgettable experience.

Wedding Planner I do Events

Wedding DJ, Fairy Lights Production- Discoballs Nikos Xatziioannidis 

Mirror Booth Petit Booth

Photography White on Black Studio

Backstage Photography Arte Di Tre

Flower Zelos Flowers

Venue Planetarium Flavors Spirits Event