Greek – Indian Wedding on the beach of Katerini with a combination of Fairy & String Lights

We were honored to be part of Thea and Grigoris’s enchanting Greek-Indian destination wedding on the beach of Katerini. The wedding ceremony took place on the sandy shore, adorned with flowers in beautiful blue and white shades.

Greek – Indian summer wedding in Katerini with Indian ethnic elements and flowers in blue and white

The ceremony was filled with emotion and joy. The bride arrived in a traditional Indian wedding outfit, while the groom beamed with happiness. Under the warm sun, they exchanged vows and promises of eternal love.

A Celebration with Fairy & String Lights and Fireworks

The wedding party, held at the Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa, was decorated with a mesmerizing combination of Fairy and String Lights, creating a magical atmosphere for all the attendees. The couple made a grand entrance to their favorite song, greeted by a spectacular display of fireworks.

During their first dance, Thea and Grigoris swayed under a canopy of Fairy and String Lights, with fireworks illuminating the night sky. This romantic setup perfectly captured the fairytale vibe the couple desired.

The venue also featured Bar Catering by Petit Camion, providing guests with refreshing iced drinks and cocktails.

Dancing the Night Away

Our Wedding DJ kept the energy high, blending Greek, Indian, and contemporary music that delighted all the guests. The dance floor was never empty, thanks to the DJ’s expertly curated playlist that ensured the party’s momentum never waned. The combination of lively music and the stunning atmosphere created a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone present.

This beautiful wedding left a lasting impression, celebrating the love and cultural heritage of Thea and Grigoris in a truly spectacular way.

Wedding DJ – String lights – Fairy lights – Fireworks Nikos Xatziioannidis Music & Events

Bar Catering Petit Camion

Photography Lighthouse Photography

Videography Nikolaidis Cinematography