Glam Wedding-Baptism in Ptolemaida with Crystal Chandeliers and drops from Fairy Lights

Adam and Anastasia chose to celebrate their wedding and their son’s baptism in Ptolemaida, creating a day filled with luxury and elegance. With the expert touch of Wedding Planner Phaedra Liakou, the event was adorned with all-white flowers, flower-decked arched chandeliers, and a canopy of Fairy Lights cascading over the dance floor like drops of starlight.

A backdrop with Fairy Lights and Crystal Chandeliers formed the backdrop for a unique Wedding Party

A mesmerizing backdrop of Fairy Lights and Crystal Chandeliers set the stage for a truly unique wedding party.

The reception venue embodied the romance and chic style of the couple, who made a grand entrance amidst a dazzling display of colorful fireworks. The bridal table was framed by two arched structures ending in hanging chandeliers, casting a romantic glow over the wedding table. The guest tables featured beautiful bouquets of white flowers, meticulously chosen by the couple.

Romance, luxury, and the gentle ambiance of Fairy Lights permeated the entire celebration

The dance floor, illuminated by a rain of thousands of Fairy Lights, created an enchanting setting for the couple’s first dance. The addition of party lights further amplified the festive atmosphere.

This unforgettable party left a lasting impression on the guests, thanks to the stunning dance floor and the exceptional music from our Wedding DJ

Our DJ kept everyone, even the most reserved guests, on their feet. His expertly curated playlist had everyone dancing through the night. The party was an extraordinary success, with the atmospheric lighting and dynamic tracks making it a night to remember.

Wedding Planner Phaedra Liakou

Wedding DJ, Fairy Lights & Chandeliers, Fireworks Nikos Xatziioannidis Music & Events

Photography White on Black Studio

Live Band Matthaios Tsahouridis & Konstantinos Tsahouridis

Graphic Designer Manousenia Designer