A dreamy vintage destination wedding in Pelion

Nestled in the peaceful beauty of the Aegean lies Pelion, a hidden gem of Greece, which is the perfect setting for a wedding right out of the pages of a fairy tale. Imagine the charm of the rustic decoration, the warmth of the string lights, and the celebration of a wedding in a picturesque village square. This is the essence of a Pelion wedding, which perfectly combines tradition, nature, and romance in an unforgettable experience.

The magic begins in a village square wedding

Imagine exchanging vows under naturally formed trees with the sun setting behind the surrounding mountains, casting a golden hue over the celebration.

For all those reasons, Anastasia & Mischa decided to married in Pelion. This magical picturesque place with lush landscapes, cobblestone paths, and traditional stone houses made the perfect scenery for their wedding. The couple exchanged eternal vows of love in nature while the wedding party took place in the picturesque and beautiful square. The landscape of nature combined perfectly with the string lights where we set up and transformed the place into magic. The golden soft glow of the string lights emphasized the vintage character of the wedding, with the beautiful wooden tables and colorful flowers.

Lighting Up Love: The Enchantment of String Lights

As dusk fell, the magic of the celebration truly came to life with the twinkling of string lights. These simple yet elegant lights were strung across the square, from tree to tree, creating a canopy of stars illuminating the festivities. The warm light brought an intimate and cozy atmosphere to the celebration, inviting guests to dance, dine, and toast to love under the night sky.

The tables were laden with local cuisine, all accompanied by the region’s exquisite wines. The food not only delighted the palate but also served as a journey through the flavors and traditions of Pelion’s rich culinary heritage.

Dancing into Forever

A Greek celebration only ends with a feast. Our wedding DJ wowed the guests with his musical selections. As the night deepened, the village square was becoming alive with the sound of music and laughter. The Greek traditional music was mixed with modern tunes by our wedding DJ, inviting everyone to join in the dance. The highlight was the iconic Sirtaki, where guests were holding their hands, forming a circle that grew larger and larger, symbolizing unity and the coming together of two families. It’s a moment of unbridled joy, a celebration of love and life that transcends cultures and languages.

The couple chose to entertain their guests with mirror booth selfies. The Petit Booth by Petit Camion was set up at the wedding party where guests could pose wearing funny props to take funny pictures. In the end, the guests can take the photos together as souvenirs of the wedding. The Petit Booth is a fun and unique wedding experience that elevates your wedding experience leaving your guests with the best impressions!

Why get married in a traditional square in Pelion with string lights?

A wedding in Pelion, with string lights, is more than a wedding, it is a unique memory taken from a traditional, romantic, and idyllic setting. Hosting a wedding in one of these squares not only offers a stunning venue but also allows the magic and power of lights to be showcased in nature. The natural beauty of Pelion promises a picturesque setting for your special day.

Wedding Planner Phaedra Liakou

Wedding DJ, Lights, Fireworks Nikos Xatziioannidis

Photography Kalampokas Fotografia

Photo Booth Petit Booth