A dreamlike wedding at Ktima Myronidis with a spectacular sky of silver balls and wonderful lights!

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The wedding of Victoria and Vasilis was the definition of luxury and spectacle! The couple married in September at the American Farm School. The ceremony was designed around a white palette with many personalized elements in decoration. The cocktail bar served refreshments to the guests while everyone waited for the bride.

After the end of the ceremony, the guests arrived at the Ktima Myronidi where the party took place. At first, the guests were served at the pool delicious welcome drinks while waiting for the newlywed couple to come. During waiting, guests enjoyed classical music under the sounds of the violin and watched a dance show.

When the couple arrived at the venue, all the guests were seated at their tables. The couple’s entrance time had come, and then the party started. The table’s centerpieces were dressed in white flowers and warm candles creating a landscape of white that was breathtaking in its simplicity and sophistication.

The interior space was transformed into a celestial garden under a midnight sky, where silver balls hung from above like stars twinkling in the sky.

The dance floor was decorated by a sky full of silver balls and long macrame that were hanging from the ceiling and the setting of blue lights created the perfect party backdrop. This midnight blue illumination was not just a visual spectacle but a masterstroke for creating an atmosphere of romance.

Setting the mood is a serious job when it comes to your wedding, so when the couple came to us, they knew what to expect from us!

Our wedding DJ roused the guests into a whirlwind of dance and joy, while all of them danced until dawn.

This wedding was more than a celebration! It was an immersive experience that left an indelible mark on every heart present. The fusion of decoration and music was a testament to the power where have the decoration and sound to transform spaces and moments into something truly magical.

Wedding Planner Caravan Events

Wedding DJ  Nikos Xatziioannidis

Photography Maria Mintsidou

Videography Dimitris Pavlidis Vision Films

Venue Ktima Myronidi